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Telescopic Garden Hose™
Telescopic Garden Hose™
Telescopic Garden Hose™
Telescopic Garden Hose™
Telescopic Garden Hose™
Telescopic Garden Hose™
Telescopic Garden Hose™
Telescopic Garden Hose™

Telescopic Garden Hose™

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The Telescopic Hose™ makes other garden hoses obsolete. Your old rubber garden hose is a pain in the grass.  

Just turn on the water and the Telescopic Hose™ grows from pocket size to supersize. It's the hands-free hose that grows! Then, when you're finished, just turn off the water and The Telescopic Hose™ shrinks!

No more dragging heavy hoses, flipping and whipping to clear the kinks. The Telescopic Hose™ will never kink. The Telescopic Hose™ stores easily and is perfect for boats and RVs.

The exclusive Telescopic Hose™ outer casing won't snag, tear, or wear. Easily maneuver it around your garden without destroying your plants. Dump the heavy hose and get the Telescopic Hose™. It's the lightest hose you'll ever own


Expands 3x Its Size
Expandable Garden Hose quickly expands to 3 times it's original size in seconds once you turn the water on. 

Light & Portable
A 100 foot traditional rubber garden hose weighs 35 pounds, while all our hoses weigh less than 5 pounds.

Never Gets Tangled
Traditional garden hoses get tangled and kinked as you use them.  Our hose won't kink, and instantly untangles when you turn the water on.

Self-Drains & Coils
A traditional hose must be manually rolled up or coiled for storage - and draining is a pain.  Telescopic Hose™ does the work for you!


"This product is excellent. Even though I have only used it for one summer, I certainly appreciate how it's so light and easy to use."

- Kyle W.

"I really like this hose, I can easily store it inside a 5-gallon bucket, making it very manageable to have more than one of this kind of hose. When watering my plants, I simply just bring the hose to the hose bib I'm looking to use, attach it, turn the water on, and watch in amazement as it grows to its full length."

- Julia H.

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Size Guide

HoseOriginal SizeExpanded SizeWeight
25 ft8.2 ft25 ft1.5 lbs
50 ft16.4 ft50 ft2.3 lbs
75 ft24.6 ft75 ft3.3 lbs
100 ft32.8 ft100 ft4.3 lbs

Telescopic Garden Hose


The Best Garden Hose You'll Ever Own!
✔️ Light Weight & Easy to Store
✔️ Never Kinks Or Tangles
✔️ Self Drains & Coils

Limited Time Offer!

Telescopic Garden Hose™

Telescopic Garden Hose™

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