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Magnetic Knife Rack
Magnetic Knife Rack
Magnetic Knife Rack

Magnetic Knife Rack

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Finally, A way to organize your kitchen.  With this magnetic knife rack, you can create more shelf space.  Optimize your kitchen space with this innovative knife rack.


1. Magnetic knife bar grips securely, yet easily releases knives, kitchen gadgets, or tools.

2. Compact, convenient and practical holder is perfect for kitchens, workshops, or garages.

3. The magnetic storage strip can be affixed to any wall for immediate access. Stowing knives in drawers may lead to accidental cuts and scrapes to both user hands and other tools but the strip keeps knives visible and separated through the attraction between the magnet and the blade.

4. Installs easily with screws provided.

5. Parents with small children may want to mount the storage strip out of reach of children until they are old enough to use knives safely.